• How do I login or register for access to website?
    On a computer, tablet, or phone, log into www.braemarisle.com and you will see the homepage. In the upper right of home page follow the appropriate description on log in or register. 
    This is located on your phone screen at the top under the Braemar Isle Logo.
    If you have previously been on our old or new website, click login, enter your email address, and select forgot password.  You will now be emailed a link to set a password.  
    If you are registering for the first time, when the Register screen appears and you select  YES to Show Profile, you are allowing our website to display all the information you enter and will be available to other residents and Braemar Isle staff.  If you select NO information will not be available to other residents. 
    If you wish selected information to be viewed,  after you complete registration and receive your password, look at FAQ for How to change user name, password information and profile information for instructions.
  • How do I place a picture in a photo album?
    First locate where the image is that you want to put in a photo album.
    Your phone must be able to change resolution to no more than 4000 pixels.
    The photo album is available by scrolling down on a computer, tablet or phone screen until you see photo album.
    Select the album you would like see and  then choose the picture on which you would like to make a comment. 
    You can also add a picture you have taken on your phone to the album. 
    Follow instructions on the page and your images will be placed in the album you selected.
  • How do I add my photo in my profile?
    Prior to adding your image, check in your photo gallery to find an image you want to use, or take a selfie and place in photo gallery.
    After you sign in on a computer or tablet the Your Profile tab is on the upper right of the home page: (On your phone screen the  Your Profile is at the top under the Braemar Isle Logo).
    The options for changing your profile are listed in the middle of the screen.  Here you can:
    Change Username
    Change Password: 
    Update Photo Albums: 
    Add Profile Photo: select this option to add image  and following instruction
    Update Profile: 
    Update Directory and Preferences:
    View Transactions
    Event Registrations

Feature Box
  • What are Braemar News Items?
    News Articles are posts of information/announcements on our website from the administrators in an article format.  This in a feature box when you are scrolling down on the home page.
  • What are resident announcements?
    This feature allows residents to post announcements for 10 days.  For example an Anniversary wish/Birth Day Greetings
    To find Resident announcements on a computer, tablet or phone, scroll down the pages until you see the rectangular
    box marked Resident Announcements. Click box and read announcements or place your announcement.

For Sale or lease items
  • List Items for sale or lease
    Scroll down from the Home page on any device to a block that says-Resident Items for Sale or Lease.
    Follow the instructions. Same process on the phone screen.

Home Page
  • Viewing information from a phone
    Positioning of items on a phone becomes condensed due to the size of screen.  To see the Home Page on a phone screen, go to the square block with 3 horizontal lines located on the right. Clicking this block will allow you to select one of the following pages. Home--Calendar--Address Book--Social Scene*-- Message Board--Braemar Isle websites *--Contact/FAQ*.  
    Some of these categories also  reappear in full view in feature boxes , or large icon displays when you scroll down the page on your phone screen, computer, or tablet.
    After selecting item to be viewed, you can always return to the Home page by scrolling up on your phone
    * These items have an arrow on right side that allows you to see a drop down menu of other items
  • What information is on the calendar?
    The address book displays a monthly calendar style for all of our events. On a computer or tablet, Select View All and the month you desire. Residents can scroll through months to see upcoming events. Events include title, location, description, date and times. 
    You can export an item to your phone, tablet or computer by following export date options.
    On a phone in the square  with 3 horizontal stripes and select calendar.  Another option is to scroll down the page and the calender appears in a feature box.
  • How do I find residents telephone # or Apt #?
    On the Home Page of a computer or tablet, click on the address book.   On a phone click the square with 3 horizontal lines.  A drop down will appear and the third option is the Address Book. 
    To find someone in the address book,on the top row select the information you would like (name, Apt #.......), In the next block (on a phone, you may have to scroll to the right to see this block) you have options of how much information to select. (this does not have to be the complete name, only 4 characters are needed. For example, if you know the persons last name is Feldman, -Feld is all you need to put in the block.  Now enter the run filter option below the blocks and all the Feldmans in the building will appear listed below.
    This address book is also available if you scroll down to the feature blocks.
    All user 2 members (family members) are not listed in the address lookup, but can be found using the residents (user 1) last name.   To find a family member(user 2) first find the level 1 user by using their last name.  Then click on view, and look under the photo of the residents (user 1) and all level 2 and 3 members can be seen.  Now select the family member and you will see their information.
  • How do I use the message board?
    Message Boards allow Users to post thoughts and questions on the website for other Users to respond.
    The message board is located on the home page for computers or tablets and on a phone screen using the square with 3 horizontal lines .
    The message board is also located on all devices by scrolling down the page to the feature boxes.
    Posts are searchable based on full or partial text matches within the post.

Login, Register, Passwords, Your Profile
  • How do I change my username/password or profile information?
    After you sign in on a computer or tablet the Your Profile tab is on the upper right of the home page: (On your phone screen the  Your Profile is at the top under the Braemar Isle Logo).
    The options for changing your profile are listed in the middle of the screen.  Here you can:
    Change Username
    Change Password: Follow instructions and you will receive a link to change your password
    Update Photo Albums: 
    Add Profile Photo
    Update Profile: Verify Information on first sign in
    Update Directory and Preferences:see detailed instructions below
    View Transactions
    Event Registrations
    If you are signing in for the first time, and you select Update Directory Preferences,  make sure YES appears in the Show Profile box.  This will allow our website to display all the information you enter and will be available to other residents and Braemar Isle staff.  If you select NO or leave it blank, no information will not be available to other residents.  If you choose YES, you can restrict which specific information will be seen and by whom by scrolling down this page. Since our website is restricted to only members or Braemar staff select Everyone or Members to view field or Hidden to restrict viewing to anyone.  Please remember that hiding information does not stop your receiving of emails . 
  • Why is my contact information not seen in address book?
    When a  resident registers, the profile which allows your information to be available to any other resident is set not to display.  To allow access to specific information, click on the profile option (upper right corner of display page on computer or tablet, on phone  screen above the weather widget). and now select from the options select Update Directory Preferences.  Now in the available options select the items you wish to share with other residents.
  • How do I restrict information to be viewed by other residents?
    After you sign in on a computer or tablet, there is a profile select tab on the upper right of the home page: (On your phone screen the  Your Profile is at the top under the Braemar Isle Logo ).
    The options for changing your profile are listed in the middle of the screen.  Here you can:
    Change Username
    Change Password
    Update Photo Albums
    Add Your Profile Photo
    Update Profile: You can select which options you do not want viewed by other residents
    Update Directory Preferences
    View Transactions
    Event Registrations
  • Why did someone in my household receive an email and log in information and I did not?
    We did not have authority to use your email in any of our databases, or you have never supplied an email.  If you have an email, click the register tab on the home page and fill out the requested information.  If you do not have an email,  contact us using the Contact/FAQ tab on the Home Page.  You cannot use the same email as another resident.
    A more detailed description of our email policy can be read once you select the register tab.
  • What website access does a family member have if you add them in Your Profile as a Level 2 member?
    If you add a family member in Your Profile as a level 2 member, they will be able to access all the information on the Braemar Isle website. 
  • How can I add a family member (user 2)?
    Login to the Braemar Isle website. Navigate  to Your Profile on the top right of your home page on a computer or tablet. On a mobile phone Your Profile is located at the center top under the Braemar Isle name. After selecting the Your Profile, scroll down the Your Profile drop down menu until you see add Level 2 Member.
    Level 2 Members are Family members.  They have all the rights of residents, and will appear connected to the user who they are assigned to.
    Now click on view, and look under the photo of members of the family can be viewed and selected.
  • How do I delete a member or family member (level 2)?
    In order to delete a member or a family member, you must make a request to an administrator.

Social Scene
  • What are the items in Social Scene?
     Social scene is located across the top of the home page on a computer or tablet. 
    On a phone screen select, the square box with the 3 horizontal lines.
    Select social scene and then the drop down box. for:
         Upcoming Events
         Register for Events-Not Available
         Whats new on Website
         Braemar Isle 10 day Weather
         Restaurant Reservations
         Yelp Reviews
         Movie Reviews & Theaters
         FAU Adult Education
  • What Social Events are being planned?
    On the Home page of a computer or tablet, the Social Scene is where you can see many of the social activities sponsored by the social committee. To see this information Press the down arrow . In addition, there are restaurant guides, movie theaters, weather reports, recent changes to the website, registration for events, and Adult education classes at FAU.
    On a phone, Social Events appear on a phone using the square with 3 lines or in an event box as you scroll down the page
  • How can I find the weather forecast?
      To see more detailed weather, click on the social scene and scroll down to weather.  Once this is complete, scroll to the top and press the back arrow of your browser. On a computer or tablet this is usually located by scrolling to the top of the page and is on the upper part of the screen.
    On a phone, to return back to Braemar Isle, scroll to the top of the screen, and on the bottom of the screen is an arrow to return to a prior page.
  • What's new on website ?
    Under the Social Scene option there is an item called what's new on website..  This lists any items that have been added or changed to the website in the last 10 days.  On a phone screen click on the square box with three horizontal lines  and select Social scene, then select Recent changes .