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on 2nd Vaccine shot
are eligible for Covid 19 Vaccination
scroll down for vaccination locations
You must be a Florida resident to receive
a vaccination shot 
click here for residence requirements
Download of vaccine consent form below.
Complete and bring to appt.
See below News items on Vaccine Info
 Information below updated daily  
view update to vaccine sites & pharmacies
or call 1-866-201-6754
Publix making appointments on
selected days for vaccine availability 
Know a homebound senior who needs a telephone# to call for a vaccine shot? 
Fl. General info. on 2nd shot
Must be over 60
Must be same vaccine as first shot
Need consent form (see downloads above)
If no time on card, arrive on date indicated 
4 day grace period  click here  & scroll to Vaccine admin/grace period.
Same grace period for both Moderna & Pfizer .
County information on 2nd shot
Should receive email confirmation with date & site (only DOH sites)
No email, use date & time on card within grace period.
May get 2nd shot in any site in County
Covid 19Test Site in Palm Beach County  click here